Siete al mondo, non c’è rimedio! Nostalgie e xenalgie più o meno contemporanee = You’re on earth, there’s no cure for that! More or less contemporary nostalgia and xenalgia


Nostalgia may be considered as a particular mood (Stimmung) or a peculiar form of being (Dasein). Sometimes it can also degenerate into psychopathological disorders as “lived time” and “lived space” chronic alterations. Nostalgia phenomenology is characterized by three conditions: loss (past), desire (future), absence (present). This work aims at investigating them throughout an omnipotence-impotence fluctuating taxonomy. We have two main phenomenological types: 1) negationist-obstinate (subculture: impossible); 2) resigned-depressive (subculture: anaclitic). Each psychological type has an equivalent social culture: 1) thanatophobic screen culture (subculture: Telemaco complex and migrations society); 2) impossible xenalgic-nostalgic (subculture: war orphans’ silent nostalgia society). Finally, we have a third category named resilient-nostalgic dealing with Art as absence transformation device. Nostalgia becomes a shared condition for all human beings, a “presentification” process about an eternal past

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n8p61

Keywords: loss; desire; absence; transformation; phenomenology; social and psychological cultures; nostalgia; xenalgi

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