Nostalgia e utopia. Due forme dell’ideologia moderna = Nostalgia and utopia. Two modern ideology forms


The present paper examines the concept of nostalgia in relation to utopia, through the Starobinski reflections on nostalgism, intended as an ideological construct. From the desire to return to a physical location, d.i. the home of forced soldiers, in the same way of Ithaca Ulysses, or to the long absence of war, the nostalgia for a utopian place has become a form of psychological regression, of the desire for an impossible return to childhood, in line with the immaturity, as chronic and collective disease of our time. Nostalgia is designed as an ideal place, as a utopia which plays the role of a spatialization of time, or as a sort of island - a Never Never Land - suspended in time, which refers to the heterotopia of Foucault, as a displacement device, with which it affects the dimension of the future

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n8p19

Keywords: nostalgismo; utopia; isola; Starobinski; Foucault; Deleuze; Bloch

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