Il Salento ridotto a icona. Forme di cristallizzazione e dinamizzazione dell’identità di un territorio = Iconised Salento. Crystallised and dynamized forms of a territorial identity


Iconised Salento. Crystallised and dynamized forms of a territorial identity. This article aims to investigate the crystallized and dynamized forms of Salento’s identity through the analysis of its icons recurring. The starting hypothesis is that the perceived identity of a country is influenced by its main portrayals; therefore, the icon should be analyzed as one of the main signs of Salento’s representation. After such analysis, the research should identify the base building dynamics of icons, and than should propose a semantic map where the Salento’s icon types will be positioned. In conclusion, it will possible to envisage several communication strategies for a more comprehensive and effective representation of Salento.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n4p153

Keywords: Salento; identity; icon; territory; communication; image; representation; strategies

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