Crisis Communication: modelli e casi di studio = Crisis Communication: models and case studies


Crisis Communication: models and case studies. We often read of crises or scandals involving companies and governments. Nonetheless, the study of the phenomenon is still not very investigated or limited to cases of social denunciation. The aim of this report is to overcome the static model, news and consequent scandal, by analyzing the structure of a crisis and the dynamics involving key stakeholders, the media and the public opinion. The analysis tells us that the parts collide, splitting the public, both on the newspapers and the social media. The new proposed model is confirmed by four case studies, both political and corporate. These are, in order: Barilla. No pro-gay commercials, Nestlé and horse meat, the call of Vendola to Archinà, Cancellieri and the case Ligresti. Case analysis was performed on a sample of six national newspapers, noting each article of reference to the case. The survey of public sentiment was carried out by tools for social media marketing quantitatively and qualitatively

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22840753n3p7

Keywords: Crisis Communication; Political Scandal; political communication; Barilla; Nestlé; Vendola; Cancellieri

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