20 giugno 2019. Il Museo e le nuove comunità


The Museum of Resistance, Deportation, War, Rights and Freedom of Turin is a 'widespread' museum, that is, in close relationship with the territory. It consists of a network of places that were the scene of episodes related to Resistance, Deportation and World War II, and an interpretation centre with a multimedia permanent exhibition dedicated to the period 1938-1948, punctuated by video testimonials. But in his name are also the words Rights and Freedom, which foster openness to different geographies and times. From the intersection of these words, projects were born dedicated to communities that reached Turin in search of a dignified and safe life, a home, a job. Among these projects, the most recent one was 20 June. World Refugee Day. The Museum, with the contribution of the National Cinematographic Archive of the Resistance, interviewed some refugees or children of refugees who spontaneously presented themselves to the Museum to 'tell their story'. For a single day, the interviews replaced those already in the museum path, distributed on the 'stations' of the exhibition. An interesting short circuit has thus been created in the superimposition of the images of Turin at war with the stories of people who have lived wars, regimes, deprivations of rights in more or less distant times and places. The Museum works not only for the communities but with the communities and looks to the public not only as user but also as co-creator of contents, activating energies, knowledge, memories in the direction of an inclusive society.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a9n2p227

Keywords: Participation; Communities; Social Engagement; Museums; History Museums; Public History; Refugees; Memory Studies; Museum Studies; Testimonies; Turin; Citizenship; Human Rights; Museum Activism; Intersectionality

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