Le fonti archivistiche. "Spazi" temporali e geografici per gli ebrei del Salento


The reconstruction of the events relating to the persecutions suffered by the Jews in Italy requires the analysis of Italian archival sources, especially of the Ministry of the Domestic Affairs – with the outlying office of the Prefectures and Police headquarters (then Ministry of corporations, then of the National Economy) –, of the Ministry of Finance – with the outlying office of the Finance Office – of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (then Ministry of War), but also German, English, American and Swiss sources. Unfortunately, the records of the whole war period had undergone serious depletion and are therefore very fragmented and incomplete.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a9n1p121

Keywords: Salento and Jews (1943-1947); Archives and Jews (1943-1947)

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