La battaglia di Sedan, la gloriosa sconfitta, in un percorso interdisciplinare di visual history


The purpose of this paper is to suggest and analyze a way to narrate the French-Prussian War through images and in particular the resounding defeat of Sedan, from the point of view of the defeated. Through this method one can deduce how the pictorial genre of battles evolved in time as well as understand how the story can be told from different perspectives. In this particular case the obvious objective is to transform the defeat either into a determined and valorous defense or at least in a glorious defeat. Apologetics paintings arise and develop in France, which, starting from the Napoleonic defeat in Waterloo, express always and in any case (at any rate?), the virtue of the troops and highlight those moments in which the commanding officers and soldiers distinguished themselves by accomplishing deeds worthy of praise. Apologetic painting, which arises and develops in France, starting from the Napoleonic defeat in Waterloo tends to express always somehow the valor of the troops and highlights.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a8n2p193

Keywords: French Prussian War; Glorious Defeat; Apologetic Painting; Sedan

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