Il contributo politico-militare della Regia marina nella guerra di liberazione


Despite the long period of war, on the eve of the signing of the armistice, the Italian Royal Navy continued to be a highly respected naval force. The allied need was to land on the Italian metropolitan territory limiting as much as possible the loss of ships because heavy losses in the Mediterranean would have complicated the allied military programs. In addition, the pressing demands for greater naval efforts by the Allies to counter the indomitable Japanese imperial navy greatly increased the political and military value of the Italian fleet. Thus, the Italian Navy became the object of desire and the principal purpose of the armistice clauses. Finally, according to some American military studies, thanks to the escape of the Italian fleet the war would have lasted six months less.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a8n2p89

Keywords: Badoglio; De Courten; Paolo Thaon de Revel; Eisenhower; Malta; Royal Navy; Mediterranean; Pacific

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