La destra radicale in Italia. Note di riflessione sulle radici ideologiche, culturali e sociali di una persistenza politica


What are the elements of continuity and difference between the extreme right of these years and that of the past? About which themes is different from the past? Is fascism returning, as some have even said in recent times? The radical right is an actor on the European political scene. It redefined his political, cultural and ideological paradigms. Although it does not play a major role, it is nevertheless a protagonist of the change in political policies in Europe. The following pages gather some indications about his identity as a social subject. To understand what is its present and future role we need to think about how it has regenerated as a political space in the crisis of the twentieth-century industrial cultures. Because its strength is inversely proportional to that of the democracies: the crisis of these offers unexpected spaces.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a7n1p15

Keywords: Radical right; Political parties and movements; Fascism; Political Studies

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