L’avvicinamento britannico al fronte italiano durante il 1917


Great Britain persuaded Italy to enter the conflict against the Central Powers in the hope of changing the balance that had been formed on the Western Front. When Italy failed to defeat Austria-Hungary quickly, Great Britain lost its interest on the Italian Front. Things changed when Lloyd George became Prime Minister and tried to change the British strategy. He believed that it was easier to defeat Austria-Hungary and so to isolate Germany. He proposed to send an allied expedition in Italy to make a joint attack against the Austrians. He had to face the opposition of the British generals and of the Italians. The only British support to the Italian sector in the 1917 was a small numbers of artilleries, but these were the first passes of the major British involvement after the battle of Caporetto. Even so, British government could not control the strategy of Italian army and Lloyd George could not use the Italian front to follow his strategy to isolate Germany

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a6n2p305

Keywords: Italy; Great Britain; First World War; Lloyd George; British Expedition in Italy ’17

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