La ritrovata unità anglo-americana in nome dell’Anglo-Saxonism negli anni che precedettero la Grande Guerra


In the last years of the nineteenth and early twentieth century Great Britain and the United States had common interests to defend. The essay illustrates the rapprochement between the two Anglo-Saxon powers and highlights how, especially in the US, the American journalism and a significant proportion of the political world gave a great prominence to the new unity, referring to the common Anglo-Saxon origin, considered the vital center of the world civilization. This renewed unity paved the way for the US entry into World War I. These concepts are discussed in the writings of the American Albert J. Beveridge and British Henry Th. Stead.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a4n2p103

Keywords: 1880-1914; Great Britain; Unites States; Anglo-Saxonism; Albert J. Beveridge; Henry Th. Stead

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