Time to Change. The Six Day War and the Origins of Italy’s Pro-Arab Foreign Policy


The Six Day War marked a turning point in Italy’s attitude toward the Arab-Israeli conflict. During the crisis the Italian diplomacy tried to mediate in order to prevent an open war but this policy gave rise to harsh polemics among the coalition government. These disagreements revealed a deep rooted change which involved political and security matters. Energy issues became a top priority in the economic and political agenda and most of the Italian public opinion shifted toward a pro-Arab stance while the memories of the Holocaust were fading away. Moreover, the growing Soviet infiltration in the Mediterranean drove the Italian government to envisage security on a global scale while Israel maintained a regional approach. All these differences contributed in gradually shaping a new trend in Israeli-Italian relationships which lasted for a long time.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a2n1p25

Keywords: Six Days War; Italian pro-Arab Politics; Middle East

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