Alcune riflessioni su sionismo e risorgimento italiano


Italian Risorgimento influenced some fields of Zionist movement, the last of the great national movements born in Europe. Above all, Giuseppe Mazzini’s thought, who recognized in Zionism the same nationalist and, at the same time, universalist spirit that had inspired the fight of Italian patriots for the liberation and unification of Italy, exerted a great attraction on some Zionist thinkers as Ze’ev Jabotinsky. But also Garibaldi was a source of inspiration for many Zionists. Later, Italian liberal Benedetto Musolino wrote on Jewish people’s necessity to get its unity in a National State. During the Risorgimento many Italian writers shaped the Zionist idea of a Jewish national State.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i22808949a1n2p29

Keywords: Italian Risorgimento; Zionism; Jewish State

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