Special Issue Student mobility

A Special Issue of EJASA (open access journal indexed in SCOPUS and Thomson Reuters Web of ScienceTM Core Collection - Emerging Sources Citation Index) is devoted to Student mobility, university and post-university choices.

The study of students’ mobility choices has become a topic of great relevance in recent years, as related to the long run debate on the measurement of the quality of the universities, the assessment of university effectiveness and the allocation of public funds to university institutions. Moreover, the topic provides a useful insight for understanding demographic and economic phenomena as students’ mobility is a forerunner of emigration flows for better job opportunities, and contributes to the reproduction of economic devise between geographical areas.

An analysis of the determinants of students’ mobility choices and university degree effectiveness is a starting point for the building up of a fair system of evaluation of the universities, the enhancement of educational pathways that can contribute to the development of skills required in the disadvantaged areas and the redefinition of the policies for the allocation of public resources.

This special issue is aimed at collecting qualified research papers that propose developments of new statistical methods for for the analysis of students’ mobility data and university effectiveness or give new insights into these topics using any type of statistical technique, among the others:

  • Exploratory statistics
  • Network Analysis
  • Latent variables
  • Generalized mixed-effect models
  • Statistical models for count data
  • Categorical data analysis
  • Statistical models for spatial data.

Papers addressed to analyse students’ mobility choices and to measure university quality in terms of "attractiveness" and "effectiveness" in an economic, demographic and sociological perspective are welcome.

The papers must follow the Editorial Standard of EJASA.

The deadline for the submission is July 30, 2019. All the submitted manuscripts will go through a two-round peer-review process, and the Special Issue will be published by December 2019.

Guest Editors
Isabella Sulis, University of Cagliari
Mariano Porcu, University of Cagliari
Francesca Giambona, University of Florence

Authors who publish with EJASA agree to the Creative Commons 3.0

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