De nouveaux documents dans le «dossier» de Dionysodôros (Arsinoïte, IIIème s. avant J.-Ch.)


The aim of this paper is to present 6 unpublished papyri belonging to the Fonds Jouguet (Institut de papyrologie de la Sorbonne). They are opisthographoi, written in Greek and Demotic head to foot and belong to the same administrative roll. The Greek texts are part of the archives of a well-known oikonomos, Dionysodoros in charge of the Meris of Polemon in the Arsinoite Nome (c. 230 B.C.). We will study their links with the other papyri of the same « dossier » to establish a better view of the career and function of Dionysodoros.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i99788883051760p1026

Keywords: Administrative roll; Dionysodoros; Polemon Meris

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