Was verbirgt sich hinter dem Ninos-Roman? Ein Blick auf die Rückseiten der Berliner Fragmente


P.Berol. 6926 A and B, two large fragments of a papyrus roll, contain parts of the famous Ninus-Romance on the recto. They were published in 1893 by Wilcken and have since then been most extensively studied and several times republished. The verso instead has not come under any scrutiny since the times of Wilcken. The contribution presents first results of an attempt to decipher the pretty cursively written accounts contained on the verso sides and especially to find hints regarding chronology and provenance as well as other pieces of information which might contribute to potentially contextualizing the papyrus.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i99788883051760p828

Keywords: Agricultural accounts; Paleography; Archive of Apollonios of Bakchias

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