Pierre Jouguet et les fouilles de Ghôran et Magdôla: quelques découvertes récentes dans la collection de la Sorbonne


The reputation of the Sorbonne's collection is partly due to the fragments extracted from cartonnages brought back by Jouguet. Even if this is the primitive part of the collection, it does not mean that it has already delivered all its secrets. Indeed, this oldest part of the collection is still interesting and it generates again many activities for our teams. Moreover, the cartonnages dismantled and the fragments restored since the beginning of the ERC GESHAEM are giving even more elements of study and of reconstitution, in link with the former part of the collection.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i99788883051760p569

Keywords: Sorbonne; papyrus and cartonnages; Ghôran and Magdôla

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