Tolemeo III dal ritorno in Egitto al decreto di Canopo: tempi e ragioni di due visite nella chora


P.Lond. VII 2056 and P.Tebt. III 748-749 – undated, but attributable to the period 243/242 B.C. – allude to a journey of Ptolemy III in the nomoi Arsinoites and Oxyrhynchites. It has been suggested that this visit to Upper Egypt was part of his maiden trip. Although I acknowledge the plausibility of such hypothesis, for this visit in the chora of Euergetes I would like to suggest another explanation, reconsidering, in addition to the above mentioned three texts, also P.Hib. I 82, 14-22. On the contrary, an evidence of the Ptolemy III's maiden trip is probably to be found in I.Philae I 4.

Errata Corrige Nota 20

DOI Code: 10.1285/i99788883051760p423

Keywords: Third Syrian War (Laodicean War); maiden trip; klerouchoi

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