Per la ricomposizione del P.Herc. 89/1301/1383 (Philodemus, Opus incertum)


P.Herc. 89/1383 (Philodemus, Opus incertum) are parts of an unpublished Herculaneum rollbroken roughly in the middle; the upper and the lower portions, separately inventoried and stored, have been recently joined. In this article, I propose to attribute the scorza numbered P.Herc. 1301, which preserves the lower exterior part of a roll, to the roll of P.Herc. 89/1383. The attribution is based on paleographical, bibliological and textual data.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i99788883051760p311

Keywords: P.Herc. 1301; P.Herc. 89/1383; new scorze

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