Alexandrian riots under Trajan: papyrology and history


This paper takes a fresh look at the papyrological evidence on the Graeco-Jewish riots in Alexandria before the Jewish Diaspora Revolt of 116/117. It proposes a new dating under Trajan for the Acta Pauli et Antonini, suggesting that the defendant Antoninus was the Alexandrian ἀρχιδικαστής. Besides, it proposes an identification of the Claudius Atilianus in P.Oxy. XLII 3023 as a Roman official, and possibly a friend of Trajan's, who was tried in Antioch for anti-Jewish violence; his trial and execution, possibly in early 116, may have been connected with the Jewish festival called Yom Tyrianus.

DOI Code: 10.1285/i99788883051760p250

Keywords: Trajan; Jewish Diaspora Revolt; Acta Alexandrinorum; Alexandria; Antioch; Yom Tyrianus

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