Quello che anche la Papirologia deve a Giuseppe Botti (e a Erminia Caudana)


The restoration work on several papyri kept in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale of Florence, along with the study of some documents held in public and private archives, has allowed the examination in greater depth of the patient work carried out by Giuseppe Botti and Erminia Caudana during the translation and restoration of the papyri from the first excavations of the Italian Mission to Egypt at Tebtynis. Among the many papyri donated, of particular interest was my discovery of an unpublished papyrus, also originating from Tebtynis: the Papiro Museo "Egizio" di Firenze, inv. n. P. 10494 (Pap. 6 Teb.).

DOI Code: 10.1285/i99788883051760p167

Keywords: Tebtynis papyri; Giuseppe Botti; Erminia Caudana

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